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A tabulation of the positions of a celestial object in an orderly sequence for a number of dates-usually for one whole year.


Panchangam is a Sanskrit term, which mean five parts (Panch + Angam). It is a Indian Astrological almanac which folow 5 parts of Vedic calender as 1- Tithi (Date), Nakshatra (Moon's constellation or star), Yoga, Karan Yoga, Sun rise and set time. You can see here Panchang for each month.
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Nakshatra -The Stars

A Nakshatra or Constallation is 1/27th part of the Zodiac, identified by the prominent star(s) in them. Moon completes one rotation in approximately 27 days. So Moon's average one day moment in the Zodiac (130 20') is span of one Nakshatra
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Your Astrologer Dr. Sudhanshu

Namasthe, Hello, I am Astrologer (Jyotishi) Dr. Rajendra Raaj Sudhanshu pracitising in Indian Astrology. My service is available on USA, UK & any other Countris/time zone Phone .
'Jyotish' is Hindi term for Astrology, and 'Jyotishi' for Astrologer or Soothsayer.
Thanks to all of you for your beloved affection in Indian - Vedic Astrology ( Krishna Murti System of Vedic, Stellar astrology ).
Different Astrology institutes in the India, have honored me for my dedicated work in Indian or Vedic astrology.

- I am practicing in " Stellar KP System - The Real Indian Vedic Astrology" and "Astro Vastu (Vaastu) The Vedic Architecture Science" Since last 25 years. This system is different  from others, for detail please see at Vedic astrology.
- Accuracy in astrology predictions, specificity of the event and pinpoint timing of the event is the main feature of my work of astrology/ horoscope analysis, Reading  Even major events i.e. job, marriage, to minor events of day to day life is easily predictable  by this Vedic / India / Stellar Astrology System. I can predict all about your query, whether they will materialize or not, when & How? And Suggest the best possible Vedic remedy by Vastu, Vedic pooja and gem / gems.
With this divine astrology science I Work in Indian Politics and had forecast successfully up and down of last 7 governments of India up to dates. Most Newspapers & TV witnessed my astrological predictions in India since a long. By the grace of the God, I am the only Astrologer of this specific branch of Astrology in The Indian zone who is spreading this vast science by teaching  to a lot of students who are highly posited: Doctors, Engineers, C.A., Professors, Architects..etc.

- If you agonize over problems of business, family, career, marriage, relationship, health and spirituality and like to ask an Astrologer, my  Online Live Astrology on Phone (USA & other Country Zone) can provide you insight and guidance on matters that may have troubled you for years. You can ask about your any problem.


About Astrologer in Shastras

An Astrologer should be from a noble family, good to look at, modest in temperament, true, unbiased, and with good physique. He has to be active and courageous. He should be clear in his statement, witty, sincere and free from vices. He should have no stage-fear. He should worship Devas, observe fast and penance; and must be conversant with astronomy and astrology.
In the astronomical discipline, there are five schools of thought in India
Paulisa, (2) Romaka Siddhanta, (3) Vasishta (4) Saura and  (5) Paltamaha.
Jyotishi should be through with all the Siddhantas and must be able to understand the objections and points of differences.
Astrologer assures that he has thoroughly understood the mathematical portion and has acquired the principles of astrology; his predictions and teachings will never fail.
Who has not understood the spirit of the Shastras, never be called an Jyotishi ( Astrologer). He is only a fool whose interpretation if just opposite to the principles expounded by our sages and commits mistakes in his calculations.
Rishi Varahamihira admits “It is easy for anybody to cross a sea if the breeze is favourable. But it is not possible for a person who is not a sage to reach the other shore of the ocean of astrology.”
Varahamihira opines that even sages in forests free from domestic worry, pride and prejudice, welcome the astrologer and without hesitation take interest in astrology when they, by chance meet any wise Astrologer.

Some Useful Resources for Astrologers

1-Monthly Ephemeris of New York, Los Angeles & other City/Countries.

2-Monthly Panchang of New York, Los Angeles & other City/Countries.

New feature3-Daily rising Ascendant table for August 2011

New York, Los Angeles & Delhi (India)

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