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A tabulation of the positions of a celestial object in an orderly sequence for a number of dates-usually for one whole year.


Panchangam is a Sanskrit term, which mean five parts (Panch + Angam). It is a Indian Astrological almanac which folow 5 parts of Vedic calender as 1- Tithi (Date), Nakshatra (Moon's constellation or star), Yoga, Karan Yoga, Sun rise and set time. You can see here Panchang for each month.
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Nakshatra -The Stars

A Nakshatra or Constallation is 1/27th part of the Zodiac, identified by the prominent star(s) in them. Moon completes one rotation in approximately 27 days. So Moon's average one day moment in the Zodiac (130 20') is span of one Nakshatra.
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Astrology Software (Professional Edition)

Professional Astrology Software

The ultimate Astrology software

HOROSOFT Prof. 4.0 (With K P System)  
New Feature( Save and Send Horoscope in MS Word or HTML file, by E-mail.)
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Astrology Software HOROSOFT Professional (Edition 4.0) is specially designed for Professional astrologers, astrology research fellows, astrology bureaus and for those who wish to generate Horoscopes for business purposes. This software gives you detailed calculations, with minute analysis and predictions. This Edition consists of various Worksheets along with many Exclusive features (Sample Pictures).
This Astrology software is very useful for those astrologer, professionals, research scholars, who like to work on computer, without paper printouts, have large number of clients, have web site, and work on international platform, as well as best for who used Lap top computer.
Special tools for birth time rectification, to know date and time of any planet, house position, Ascendant table, monthly Asc. table, Ephemeris, Gand mool and Rahu kalam, Sun and Moon rise / set table, note pad, select common features having horoscopes etc. very useful for any professional astrologer and research scholar.
HoroSoft astrology software ( Professional 4.0 ) enerate following calculations
Planetary Position with their descriptions      
Shodashvarga - 16 Charts
Sudershan Chakra
Friendship Table ( Maitri )
Shadbal and Bhavbal
Prastarashtakvarga Table
Ashtakvarga Table
Vimsottri dasha - Mahadasha, Pratyanterdasha and Sookshamdasha
Yogini Dasha
Kal Chakra Dasha
Ashtottri Dasha
Gemini System Char Dasha Pad Lagna, Gemini Aspect
Varshphal according to Tazik Astrology
Lal Kitab, Asc. chart annual chart ( Varsh Kundli ), and remedies.
K. P. System - ( KP System, Krishna Murti Padhdhati - Stellar Astrology ) - Lord, Sub Lords and Sub Sub Lords of planets and Cusps. K. P. Horary horoscopes according to 1-249 Nos., Rising Ascendant & as natal Asc.. Significators - General & Prime and Aspects .
Single page K P Horoscope print out covers details of person, Asc. & Cuspal charts, Longitude and lords of planet & house, Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantar dasha, Significators table.
RAHU KAALAM of any month
Sunrise and Sunset of any date & any place
Monthly Panchang and Ephemeris.
Daily Panchang or Ephemeris
Forward / Backward checking of Longitude of Planet in any Sign, Constellation or Degree, Minutes and Seconds
Match-Making ( Relationship ) as per Hindu Astrology with Analysis, Manglik Dosh, Mangal.
Aynamsa- Chitrapakshiya ( Lahri ), K. P. ( Classical & New ), Raman, fagan, Western ( Tropical )
Chart Style - North Indian , South Indian, and East Indian Style.
Outer Planets ( Uranus, Neptune and Pluto ) Facility of Including / Excluding in Charts
Rahu & Ketu - Option of True or Mean Longitude
Font Selections - User can select any Font available in the Windows
Available in English with Hindi
Facility of Add / changing Astrologer's name below the Horoscope.
Facility of saving Horoscope in html and Doc. file in hard disk or in floppy. You can send Horoscope by E-mail / or can upload on server as web page.
- Birth day reminder.
- Search different planets combination common in your data base.
- For Match making pick up horoscope from data base.


Interpretation of Planets to Mahadasha and Pratyantar dasha
Nakshatra Phal according to Vedic Books
Detail of Sadesaati, time period, Effects and Remedies or Sadesaati
Stone Remedies and Stone recommendation according to the problem
Yoga and description of Yoga in Horoscopes


Calendar - A Calendar in which you can see the Vimsottri, Yogini, Kalchakra and Ashtottri dasha
Learn Astrology - Detail of Main points of Astrology which is useful to a learner or master of Astrology
Worksheet Facility - Two special worksheet in which user can select any chart to view and a special worksheet in which user can view any chart in any size, put anywhere on windows in any size and can be moved any where on the screen with the help of mouse or available tools.
Single Sheet Facility - Display and Print of K. P. Horoscope ( Natal and Horary )
Ashtak and Prastarashtakvarga - Charts can be viewed on the screen with different views of Colorful Graphs.
Transit Of Planets - Planetary position of Planets transit & Description of Natal Charts with Options of  Fast, Slow,  Reverse, Forward, Backward, Real Time, Hourly, daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
Picture - Facility  to view any picture in Horosoft
Time Tool - A best tool for Birth Time Rectification. User can Rectify with Addition / Reduction Birth-Time in Second, 10 Seconds, Minute, 10 Minutes and Hour. And, can review the Horoscope
Module - User can make any Modules for Printing
Note Pad - A very useful tool by which comments of the user can be written down and can also be printed. these comments can be viewed when the horoscope is opened again.
Help - User can get Help on the spot by click in Help.
File System - User can organize files according to Windows System
Design Layout - Beautifully designed Pages.
Latitude & Longitude - A wide Database of Major City and States of World
Astrology Sofware Doc fileHTML Page and MS Word file- You can save, and can send it by E-mail.
Event Manager- Facility to save different events occurred in life and view their calculations to compare the similarity between them.
Worksheets - Two special worksheets in which user can select any chart to view and a special worksheet in which user can view any chart, that can be placed anywhere on windows in any size and can be moved any where on the screen with the help of mouse or available tools.
Transit of Planets - Facility to watch the planets transiting over a natal chart in   hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.
Printing Options-(1) File Size Horoscope: 8.5" x 11" (2) Book Size Horoscope: 5" x 8" (Double Side)
(3) Book Size Horoscope: 6" x 8.5" (Single Side) (4)  Pocket Size Horoscope: 3" x 5"


1.  One CD of Software
2.  One USB port device


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